The New Kapos…Still Wrong

It is quite disheartening that American Jews today fail to realize the importance of Israel. We have forgotten that before Israel came to be, there were Jewish quotas in most American colleges, corporations, and housing associations, many American businesses had signs saying “No Jews, No dogs allowed,” and in many instances we had to hide our Jewish identity in order to get ahead.

Have we forgotten that before Israel all Jews in the world were at the mercy of whatever nation’s government chose to accept them, and live with their limited rights, until they were expelled from the country they called home?  After the atrocities of the Holocaust, the survivors who tried to return to their former homes found that they were no longer welcome.  Some were even murdered by their old neighbors who made it clear that Jews no longer belong in the countries they had called home.  As many survivors say, Israel rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust, as a nation that belongs to the Jews where we are always welcome and never have to worry about having our rights limited or being expelled from our homes.

So many Jews have chosen to disregard the struggle we had to face to fight for equality, instead we focus on enjoying our American rights while letting the current government step all over Israel. What’s worse, the same college students and highly paid professionals who would never be able to achieve their educational or professional aspirations under the old quotas are now openly speaking out against Israel.  They are accusing Israel of violating human rights while reaching out to our enemies who will settle for nothing less than annihilation of every Jew in the world.  Just recently, a group of Brandeis University students, one of the top universities in the nation, accused visiting members of the Israeli Knesset of being war criminals.  Their alleged crimes seem to constitute a loyalty oath to Israel as a requirement for citizenship and and outlawing the teaching of Israeli Independence Day as a “catastrophe” known as the Nakba in Arabic.

When I became a naturalized American citizen I had to take an oath of loyalty to the United States while renouncing my allegiance to any other country.  I did so without reservation and the day I received my American citizenship remains one of the proudest in my life.  Moreover, if someone is not ready or willing to proclaim loyalty to a nation of which they are trying to become citizens, then why do they deserve to receive citizenship?

It completely baffles the mind, that the descendants of Jews who had to struggle and in many cases die for their rights and for the state of Israel will so blatantly affiliate themselves with an administration that openly supports our enemies while stepping all over Israel.



About BlazeOfTruth

I am a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a US Army veteran, and most importantly, a mom. While I never had much interest in politics I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and watch what is happening to our country. I love this America that was only a dream in my youth. It must remain the "Shining City on a Hill." Importantly, the current administration is mistreating our ally, Israel. Therefore, I have started this blog to show all the facts proving that the current administration is no friend to Israel and no friend to freedom!
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