Will Islam Enslave Our Children?

“Mommy, pretty soon we’ll stand out for not wearing headscarves.” Thus, an innocent comment from my nine-year-old made me look up to see the virtual sea of women wearing burkas and headscarves around us in this busy shopping mall. This is the “National Capitol Region” or “NCR,” the swath of states and counties surrounding our national capitol, Washington, D.C. This is the seat of our representative Republic. This is-or was designed by America’s Founders to be-the center of individual freedom, liberty and the hope for all who seek these things. I have lived in the NCR for more than ten years. I am an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, where persecution and poverty, thought control and regulation made every day a study in enslavement.

I am a Jew. But I have sought to be tolerant of others because I have seen the results of my own people’s persecution. I have studied the Koran in addition to my own religion’s sacred texts. I have sought to be as impartial and objective as possible. With that said, I have come away from my studies with a validation of a frightening fact: Islam is an ideology of domination. There is no tolerance in Islam’s teachings. All must submit or endure the deadly consequences. The end-game of Islam is a world “Caliphate” where this ideology and its Sharia Law are dominant and without redress.

In trying to compare my religion’s worldview with that of Islam’s teachings I tried to find comparisons in intolerance. The most “religious” Jews are Hasidic or Orthodox. These people dress a certain way and hold to a very rigid rabbinical context of the Torah and Talmud. The vast difference in the Hasidic Jews’ strictness and the Muslims that surround us is that these Jews primarily keep to themselves and do not attempt to inculcate their beliefs on others. In stark contrast, Islam, ALL of Islam, is a religion seeking to control all human behavior on Earth. It is no coincidence that women in Islam are more property than individual free beings. The burkas and headscarves are part of a control mechanism that, from childhood, inculcates the dominance of men and the subservience of women.

America, until the late 1950s, was considered the “Great Melting Pot” by virtually all of its citizens. Our music was a blend of many influences but in great part by Black gospel and Blues traditions. Immigrants added their ethnic histories to their new-found freedom of individual achievement. Asians brought their solid work and study ethics and excelled in academics and  business. Virtually all but a few segments of the immigrant flow learned English and encouraged their children to go for the American Dream. All this changed with the Marxist inspired idea of “multiculturalism,” a tenet of DIVISION rather than unity. Each group was encouraged to seek its own identity away from being an “American.”

Add to this the reality of what the actual words of the Koran say, and the domination of all human activity is on our doorstep. Strike that. It is in our communities, schools and homes, preaching Sharia Law and the subjugation of women and all “infidels.” The FACTS are obvious to any who will look and who aren’t fooled by the mainstream media’s complicity. Will we wake up before it’s too late? Before the thing I treasured as an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, freedom, is lost? I no longer am sure. And I fear for our children’s. More than that… I will not lose our freedom without a fight! A petit mother may appear weak. But try to hurt her child and an attacker’s throat will be torn out.


About BlazeOfTruth

I am a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a US Army veteran, and most importantly, a mom. While I never had much interest in politics I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and watch what is happening to our country. I love this America that was only a dream in my youth. It must remain the "Shining City on a Hill." Importantly, the current administration is mistreating our ally, Israel. Therefore, I have started this blog to show all the facts proving that the current administration is no friend to Israel and no friend to freedom!
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