Those darn Israelis are at it, again!!!



●CNN: “Israel is first to set up Surgical Unit in Japan”
● The Israeli clinic includes orthopedics, surgical and intensive care units as well as a delivery room and pharmacy.
●The delegation includes 50 doctors.
● They brought with them:
1. 32 tons of equipment
2. 18 tons of humanitarian aid—10,000 coats, 6,000 gloves and 150 portable toilets
With all their billions of “petro-dollars”, where is the humanitarian relief from the Arab countries?

About BlazeOfTruth

I am a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a US Army veteran, and most importantly, a mom. While I never had much interest in politics I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and watch what is happening to our country. I love this America that was only a dream in my youth. It must remain the "Shining City on a Hill." Importantly, the current administration is mistreating our ally, Israel. Therefore, I have started this blog to show all the facts proving that the current administration is no friend to Israel and no friend to freedom!
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