Americans Aiding Hamas

As most of the Western world celebrated delayed justice served to Osama Bin Laden by the American Navy Seals over the last week, the Islamist terrorist machine continued to chug along in Israel, publicly marked by a unification agreement between Hamas and Fatah.  Hamas is founded on the ideology of denouncing Israel’s right to exist and continues to work towards Israel’s destruction.  The world not only turns a blind eye to these hateful terrorists but persistently pressures Israel to make more concessions to those dedicated towards its destruction.  What’s worse, it is the American taxpayer that is inadvertently funding these terrorists who target innocent Israeli civilians in order to further their cause.

The US contributes around a billion dollars a year of taxpayer money to Palestine, which undoubtedly ends up in Hamas hands.  Twenty-seven US Senators have written to President Obama requesting that he halt monetary aid to a unified Fatah-Hamas government that refuses to so much as acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  To date, Obama has done absolutely nothing even though US law prohibits aid from being provided to a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless the government and all its members have publicly committed to the Quartet principles.

It is not surprising though, that the Obama administration yet again blatantly disregards an American law and hangs Israel out to dry.  Meanwhile, every day our hard earned tax dollars continue to fall into terrorists’ hands and help them fund more destructive activities towards Israel. With a rogue Department of Justice running guns to Mexican drug cartels and the Obama administration ignoring the mandates of Federal judges for Obamacare limits and a loosening of oil permits while gasoline skyrockets, it is not surprising that Obama continues to hurt Israel. All who aid him are aiding in the killing of Jews in Israel!

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A Second Holocaust?

Today we mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We mourn the millions of Jewish men, women, and children who were brutally slaughtered by the nazis and their sympathizers.  After Germany lost the war, most survivors who attempted to return to their former homes found that they were no longer welcome.  Their former friends and neighbors had confiscated their property with no anticipation of ever having to give it back.  Even more disturbingly, quite a few survivors were murdered by their countrymen whose anti-Semitism never faded.  Israel was their only hope for a homeland where Jews can  be Jewish without any fear.  As Israel’s president Shimon Peres stated “There is no substitute for a homeland of our own.”

Today Israel and Jews worldwide face a new enemy that is trying to wipe us off the face of the Earth.  Not only did the Islamic world collaborate with the Nazis in WWII, today’s  Islamic extremists have steadily been working towards eliminating Israel and exterminating all Jews in the world.  Ever since becoming a country in 1948 Israel could count on the US as an unwavering ally.  Since Obama got elected, however, that has drastically changed.  Who of us still hear the call of the Holocaust dead? Instead of standing with Israel, our strongest ally and only true democracy in the Middle East, this president and his hand chosen cabinet have aligned themselves with Israel’s enemies.

President Obama turned his back on the peaceful protesters in Iran, thus giving Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (who has openly referred to Israel as a “stinking corpse” and repeatedly called for its annihilation) the power to impose his brutal tactics to crush the protesters and tighten the reigns on his rule of terror.  Soon after, he sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an entity of Hamas whose primary mission is wiping Israel off the map, and called for the Egyptian president and Israel’s longest standing ally in the Middle East Hosni Mubarak to step down and hand the country over to the extremists.  Reform could have come to Egypt and Mubarak through political pressure but that was not really this administration’s goal. Now the new government of Egypt is calling for the nullification of the peace treaty and starting a war with Israel.

To say that Israel is on a precipice is a gross understatement. With Islamic migration spreading across the world and Sharia Law insinuating its way throughout Europe, and now making footholds in America, there is a dreaded potential for the long-sought 12th Imam being called to appear by the Islamic world. This so-called Caliphate will hinge on the destruction of Israel and America. It is no fantasy. It is no dream. It is a nightmare that began in great measure during the Holocaust. It went underground. Now it is too big to hide. Some leaders abet it, like Obama. Some are too blind to see it. Sadly, 80% of American Jews voted for Obama and most continue to express their support.

For Jews to aid in their own destruction feels reminiscent of European Jewish leaders who tried to make friends with the nazis thinking that their communities would be spared. Aligning with the American Left and Obama is suicide as was the futile and insane attempts of our ancestors to pacify Nazis. Continue supporting the American Leftists collaborating with Israel’s (and America’s) enemies at your peril, Jewish brothers and sisters! Or choose a path closer to the intellect manifest in our heritage, and seek your friends in America’s politically conservative Gentile majority. They await you with open arms and offer comfort and faith on this day of Holocaust Remembrance.

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Anti-Semite in Chief

Yet again, those of us who care, are expressing our condolences to another Israeli family.  Ben Yosef Livnat, a 24 year old Israeli citizen was fatally shot by the Palestinian police while visiting Joseph’s Tomb.  As the US government attempts to cozy up to the Palestinian terrorists, they are only intensifying their campaign of murdering innocent Jews.  Meanwhile, President Obama, when making a speech about Passover, could not resist the opportunity for yet another spit in Israel’s face by comparing the Passover Exodus to the current Arab uprisings.  Could Obama make his anti-Semitic leanings any more obvious?  The story of Passover celebrates the Jewish people escaping their Egyptian oppressors to found a country of their own-Israel.  The Arab uprisings are based on the common principle of Israel’s destruction and yet, Obama has the nerve to correlate the two!
Having grown up in the former Soviet Union I have seen my share of anti-Semitism.  When my family immigrated to the United States we were optimistically looking forward to being free to be Jewish in this great country and not have to worry about government imposed anti-Semitic policies.  Those Jews who remember the horrors of government oppression cannot fathom how the majority of American Jews could have voted for Obama.  In return for their vote Obama has openly pursued his anti-Israel agenda.  He persistently degrades Israel and supports its enemies.  Just how long are we going to continue with our willful ignorance?!  It is hard to believe that the leader of the greatest country on Earth that was founded on principles of freedom for all can be so blatant in his contempt towards the American Jewish population, the majority of whom helped put him in the White House!  The reality is though, it is happening right before our eyes and if we don’t act now, we will lose Israel!

Obama’s Passover speech released by the White House

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Their Sacrifice. Remembering Why!

Today marks 68 years since the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto by the Jewish resistance.  To date, it is considered the largest single revolt by the Jews during the Holocaust.  We mourn the millions who perished and celebrate those who were courageous enough to resist, however futile their efforts may have seemed at the time.  Throughout history, Jews were a forcibly nomadic people, able to settle sometimes long-term, but never permanently, within the borders of the nations that were willing to accept us.  The Jewish people settled in Poland in the 1300s after being expelled from Western Europe due to persistent pogroms and blood libels.  Centuries later, history repeated itself yet again and we were no longer welcome in countries that we had considered ours for so many generations.  The mighty Nazi extermination campaign swept through most of Europe and wiped out millions of Jews in just a few short years.

Today however, we are fortunate enough to have Israel.  It is a country that rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust, where we are not at the mercy of a government that is willing to tolerate us until we are no longer useful.  We can wear our Jewish identity proudly instead of it being an impediment.  It is extremely sad though, that only in a few short decades, a blink of an eye from the perspective of history, we have grown so comfortable that many American Jews do not recognize how greatly important Israel is to every single Jew in the world.  Without Israel, those in power could continue to push us around without fear of consequences.

There is a story in the Torah, about Jews calling out to G-d to send them back to Egypt because even though they were slaves at least they knew what they were dealing with, whereas Israel seems to be a hostile and inhospitable land, albeit their own.  Upon hearing their cries, G-d got angry and told them that they will never see Israel.  Ultimately, the Jews wandered in the desert for forty years because G-d was waiting for those in the slave generation to die so a new generation, without a slave mentality, would enter Israel.  Nowadays, as so many Jews would prefer to stay cocooned in their complacency, one starts to wonder if our punishment will be the loss of Israel for this generation.

If events such as anti-Semitic riots throughout the world, rockets launched at Israel by HAMAS terrorists, a family with three young children being butchered in their sleep, and a young boy getting killed by a rocket that hits his school bus, do not make American Jews wake up, I shudder to think about what has to happen in order for the alarm to sound for the complacent majority.

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Happy Pesach!

As we prepare to celebrate Passover this week we remember that we were once slaves in Egypt and as Jews can never take our freedom for granted.  Our people fled Egypt en masse into the unknown, only for the hope of freedom.  Our Egyptian foes wasted no time pursuing us, but as the story goes, they were swept into the sea as the Jews continued towards their eternal quest for liberty and independence.  For thousands of years following our exodus from Egypt the children of Israel have faced countless enemies who have subjugated us in an attempt to eventually completely wipe us out; from the blood libels and pogroms in Europe, to the atrocities of the Holocaust during World War II, to the modern day Islamic extremists.
As we gather round for the Passover seder, let us not forget that no people, but especially the Jews, can ever take freedom for granted.  It is a fragile privilege, hard won by the courageous throughout the generations, that can be just as easily lost if we get overly complacent.  Yet complacency is what has permeated American Jews today, as the vast majority of them support the Obama administration and choose to disregard its anti-Israeli principles.  Judging by the repeated cycles of history, we are voluntarily subjecting ourselves to yet another period of servility, this time to the radical Islamists, who must feel awfully cozy under Obama’s protective wing.

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How Many Dead?

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Daniel Viflic, a 16 year old boy who was killed after the school bus he was riding home in Israel was hit by a HAMAS rocket.   Young Daniel is only the latest victim of Islamic terrorists who by their own admission, will accept nothing less than wiping Israel off the map.  Meanwhile, several American universities are holding anti-Israel rallies in support of these terrorists who target innocent children.  Just what will it take for the ignorant to understand that these criminals hate not only Israel but everything that the American way of life stands for?  It is no more possible to tame a feral rabid beast than it is to make friends with terrorists whose life mission is our annihilation!  Who among liberal American Jews has forgotten this: “If Israel were disarmed it would be annihilated; if Arabs were disarmed there would be peace.” Those “Jews” who don’t believe this either are shamefully ignorant and have not studied history or they are false Jews and traitors to their faith and heritage.

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The New Kapos…Still Wrong

It is quite disheartening that American Jews today fail to realize the importance of Israel. We have forgotten that before Israel came to be, there were Jewish quotas in most American colleges, corporations, and housing associations, many American businesses had signs saying “No Jews, No dogs allowed,” and in many instances we had to hide our Jewish identity in order to get ahead.

Have we forgotten that before Israel all Jews in the world were at the mercy of whatever nation’s government chose to accept them, and live with their limited rights, until they were expelled from the country they called home?  After the atrocities of the Holocaust, the survivors who tried to return to their former homes found that they were no longer welcome.  Some were even murdered by their old neighbors who made it clear that Jews no longer belong in the countries they had called home.  As many survivors say, Israel rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust, as a nation that belongs to the Jews where we are always welcome and never have to worry about having our rights limited or being expelled from our homes.

So many Jews have chosen to disregard the struggle we had to face to fight for equality, instead we focus on enjoying our American rights while letting the current government step all over Israel. What’s worse, the same college students and highly paid professionals who would never be able to achieve their educational or professional aspirations under the old quotas are now openly speaking out against Israel.  They are accusing Israel of violating human rights while reaching out to our enemies who will settle for nothing less than annihilation of every Jew in the world.  Just recently, a group of Brandeis University students, one of the top universities in the nation, accused visiting members of the Israeli Knesset of being war criminals.  Their alleged crimes seem to constitute a loyalty oath to Israel as a requirement for citizenship and and outlawing the teaching of Israeli Independence Day as a “catastrophe” known as the Nakba in Arabic.

When I became a naturalized American citizen I had to take an oath of loyalty to the United States while renouncing my allegiance to any other country.  I did so without reservation and the day I received my American citizenship remains one of the proudest in my life.  Moreover, if someone is not ready or willing to proclaim loyalty to a nation of which they are trying to become citizens, then why do they deserve to receive citizenship?

It completely baffles the mind, that the descendants of Jews who had to struggle and in many cases die for their rights and for the state of Israel will so blatantly affiliate themselves with an administration that openly supports our enemies while stepping all over Israel.


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