Americans Aiding Hamas

As most of the Western world celebrated delayed justice served to Osama Bin Laden by the American Navy Seals over the last week, the Islamist terrorist machine continued to chug along in Israel, publicly marked by a unification agreement between Hamas and Fatah.  Hamas is founded on the ideology of denouncing Israel’s right to exist and continues to work towards Israel’s destruction.  The world not only turns a blind eye to these hateful terrorists but persistently pressures Israel to make more concessions to those dedicated towards its destruction.  What’s worse, it is the American taxpayer that is inadvertently funding these terrorists who target innocent Israeli civilians in order to further their cause.

The US contributes around a billion dollars a year of taxpayer money to Palestine, which undoubtedly ends up in Hamas hands.  Twenty-seven US Senators have written to President Obama requesting that he halt monetary aid to a unified Fatah-Hamas government that refuses to so much as acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  To date, Obama has done absolutely nothing even though US law prohibits aid from being provided to a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless the government and all its members have publicly committed to the Quartet principles.

It is not surprising though, that the Obama administration yet again blatantly disregards an American law and hangs Israel out to dry.  Meanwhile, every day our hard earned tax dollars continue to fall into terrorists’ hands and help them fund more destructive activities towards Israel. With a rogue Department of Justice running guns to Mexican drug cartels and the Obama administration ignoring the mandates of Federal judges for Obamacare limits and a loosening of oil permits while gasoline skyrockets, it is not surprising that Obama continues to hurt Israel. All who aid him are aiding in the killing of Jews in Israel!


About BlazeOfTruth

I am a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a US Army veteran, and most importantly, a mom. While I never had much interest in politics I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and watch what is happening to our country. I love this America that was only a dream in my youth. It must remain the "Shining City on a Hill." Importantly, the current administration is mistreating our ally, Israel. Therefore, I have started this blog to show all the facts proving that the current administration is no friend to Israel and no friend to freedom!
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