Repeating History – Deadly Amnesia

I recently heard a sermon by a Rabbi at a local synagogue encouraging the congregation to support the building of a mosque at Ground Zero claiming tolerance for the Muslim faith.  His sermon reminded me of recounts by Holocaust survivors who recalled their Rabbis and other community leaders encouraging the local Jews to cooperate with the Nazis who were “relocating” them.  So many Jews willingly proceeded to the trains that took them to their deaths.  One of my family members, also a Holocaust survivor, recalled being a part of a group of 300+ Ukrainian Jews who were marched by 3 Nazi collaborators over a period of several days to their deaths.  He reminisced with great regret about how the 300+ could have easily overpowered the 3 and saved themselves, but the thought never crossed their minds. Of that group, those who survived number in the single digits. Of course one could argue that no one could fathom the extent of Nazi atrocities that would lead to the systematic slaughter of millions of Jews.  Decades later, the Jewish community preaches “Never Again” when it comes to the Holocaust.

Yet today, we are faced with a long-time enemy that is finally becoming brazen enough to openly pursue the destruction of Jews and while instilling terror in any nation that supports us.  The Muslim hadith, the authoritative account of Muhammad’s words and deeds states “The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said, ‘The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh, Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!”

Right after the news of the brutal murder of the Fogel family broke out Muslims throughout Gaza and the West Bank took to the streets to celebrate and passed out candy to honor the slaying as “natural.”  Yet, American Jews are continuing to support the very people whose belief system is based on causing our permanent demise.  I just wonder, how the American Jewish community would respond if the German community in Poland wanted to build a memorial to Hitler outside of Auschwitz?  I don’t see a difference between that and the Ground Zero mosque!


About BlazeOfTruth

I am a Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a US Army veteran, and most importantly, a mom. While I never had much interest in politics I cannot, in good conscience, sit back and watch what is happening to our country. I love this America that was only a dream in my youth. It must remain the "Shining City on a Hill." Importantly, the current administration is mistreating our ally, Israel. Therefore, I have started this blog to show all the facts proving that the current administration is no friend to Israel and no friend to freedom!
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